Thursday, 17 May 2012

Freebie Winners Are......

Good Morning ....

Early this morning I put the names of everyone who wished to be considered for the freebies I wish to redistributed as I already have others similar items.

The two lucky names that were drawn were:
Kim Jewiss for the crown cutter 
Sophie Wareham for the daisy cutters  

I will parcel up your goodies and post them off to you tomorrow.  Please email me your full postal addresses to

Thank you to everyone who took part and sorry if you didn't win on this occasion.  At least doing the give away through the blog reduced the number of entries which did increase your chances significantly.

Kim and Sophie, feel free to post pictures of your creations made with these freebies on Darcy's facebook page, we would love to see them.

Happy Caking

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hello All.......

Huge apologies for the absence from the blog, blame time completely or the lack of it!!!

Anyway, today I purchased my weekly Cake Decorating Magazine and the Special Jubilee Edition.  There were two items attached to these magazines that I would like to offer to two Darcy's followers as I have them already!  The magazines are NOT the freebies, they are included in the photo to show where the freebie cutters are from only!!
The two pink daisy cutters are the freebie up for grabs!
The blue crown cookie cutter is the freebie up for  grabs!
All you need to do is add your name and email address below in the comments section below and state which freebie you would like.  I will put the names into a draw and announce the lucky person tomorrow morning (can't do it tonight as busy with more Alice in Wonderland cupcakes!!).

I am happy to post within the UK, however if you wish to pay for the postage and you live outside of the UK, you can take part too!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

My Entry into the Fans Of Cake Baker Competition

I decided to start entering competitions to improve my confidence in my ability and to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone.

I first entered my Valentines cupcakes into a milestone giveaway over at The Clever Little Cupcake Company and was chuffed to have been awarded third place.  I wasn't really expecting to be placed anywhere as I find the level of "caking" is exceptionally high and don't put myself up in those leagues.  This boosted my confidence and when seeing a competition over on a cake page I read regularly this morning, I decided to go for it.

Alice In Wonderland 2nd Edition

I entered my Alice in Wonderland cupcakes into the 10,000 Liker competition over at Fans of Cake.  The winner is based on the total number of likes each entry receives.  So if you haven't already cast your "like", you are welcome to do so using this link :

I didn't really know much about Alice in Wonderland until I was asked to create some for an 18th birthday for one of my husband's friends.  The theme grew on me with each creation of cupcake and I would spent many hours admiring the wonderful parties others have held.

Alice in Wonderland 1st Edition
As a result of how popular my first collection has been, I decided to do a tutorial on how to make the White Rabbit too.  This can be adapted to suit a rabbit you may wish to make for Easter which is not too far away, or another White Rabbit for your own Alice in Wonderland theme.  I am hoping to post the tutorial in the next day or two.
Tutorial in progress to make White Rabbit

Well enough Alice and Wonderland stuff from me for a while........ got to focus on making a teacup for my dearest Mother for Mother's day.  I will save the details of that for another day's post!

Happy baking for now x

Monday, 27 February 2012

1,500 likers and beyond!

Thank you to all the followers of Darcy's Cupcake Creations.  
I am thrilled to pieces that there are a core group of followers who interact on the page, whether it is to ask a question or to pass comment on a recent creation.  Your involvement is always welcomed and your kind comments are much appreciated.

As a way of saying thank you, I have put together a give-away in recognition of getting to 1,500 likers.

In time for Easter or Mother's Day, I have put together the following items to post to a lucky follower:

  • 6 white scalloped cupcake cases decorated with a yellow satin ribbon bow
  • a white rosanna petite treat cupcake stand
  • 20g of white and yellow non-pareils to decorate your cupcakes as used many times at Darcy's
  • 6 large sheets of Viva towels to achieve a smooth buttercream finish like the cakes below

To achieve the smooth buttercream effect with viva towels as I did above, you can see it here

In order to be in with a chance (or three) to be selected at random to receive the above give-away, you need to:
  • leave a comment below as to which is your favourite Darcy's creation  
  • for an additional chance, share Darcy's Cupcake Creations facebook page on your wall 
  • for a further chance, mention and link to Darcy's Cupcake Creations facebook page within your own blog
You will need to make sure that you tagged Darcy's facebook page of your sharing otherwise I won't know about it and won't be able to count it.  The draw will close on Wednesday 29th February at midnight and the the winner will be announced on Darcy's facebook wall on Thursday 1st March.  

Good luck :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where have I been ........

Well with Alice in Wonderland!  I have had a really busy fortnight creating the most exciting cupcakes and Top Hat layer cake.  I have had a fabulous time challenging myself in an area that I haven't really ventured into before as I have been too scared, modelling.  I managed to pull it off and surprised myself too that I can actually do it!

The results of my fondant moelling
 I completely underestimated how much time making these creations took and how deceptive a picture can look that someone gives you as a guide.  All the hours were forgotten about when I got an email from the dad saying that his daughter was almost in tears when she saw the creations!  On the other extreme, I have been asked to make a robot cake for a little 4 year old who doesn't even eat cake!! I find it difficult to create a "simple" cake (his mom's words) when it is underestimated by others what is still involved.  Why is it perceived that simple must mean cheap?

I hope you all had a great Valentine's day.  This year it was all a bit of a blur and I didn't feel the love at all as between my dearest and I, we were working into the wee hours and it all past with only a passing "happy valentine's!!".  Will have to make up for it on our wedding anniversary next month!!

I posted some valentine's cupcakes as a surprise to someone and was delighted to see that they arrived in perfect condition.  I used a posting pack and although my cupcakes are larger than the pack allows, I just decorated the cupcake accordingly and viola!

Packaged cupcakes in their posting pack

On a completely separate topic, while I was collecting all the bits I needed for my Alice creations I got some piping jelly.  I found it was great for attaching ribbons to the silver boards, not seeping through and marking the ribbon and sticks it 'really' well.  I also discovered that it is great for attaching sequence to the edge of my cupcakes in this creation, yet making it very easy to peel off before eating, unlike royal icing.

Next time, I will try publish a tutorial on making my White Rabbit (in time for those wanting to practice for Easter!!) and details of the 1,500 facebook liker give-away will be posted.

Happy baking

Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to achieve a domed sugarpaste cupcake!

I am rather particular with my cupcakes and don't like the frosting to dirty the edges of the cupcake cases (a bit of my OCD) and therefore wanted a method that didn't use a spatula or a knife.  I have seen one by Pretty Witty Cupcakes via Victorious Cupcakes.  

I am able to create domed cupcakes with sugarpaste, but I was never "really" happy with them.  I wanted the dome higher, more perfect and knew that other great bakers out there were achieving it, so why couldn't I?  I had read somewhere that an ice-cream scoop was used and never one who needs an excuse to play with some cupcakes, I got to work and was very pleased with the results.

When I enjoy a cupcake, I like to have a 25% buttercream to 75% cupcake ratio.  I did a normal Darcy buttercream swirl on a cupcake then measured how much buttercream I used in the ice-cream scoop.  They were about the same, using no more than I would with a swirl.

Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Didn't quite get there but did rediscover Red Velvet!

Sadly I haven't quite finished the tutorial I was making about creating that perfect dome........ I will have to push it further up the priority list!!!

Yesterday however, as it was pouring with rain, I had the urge to bake.  As Valentine's Day is nearing, I decided to make red velvet cupcakes.  Now I have made them before and with success, but failed to taste that wow factor about them, until yesterday!!!  

I decided that I was going to create "my" ultimate red velvet cupcake, a taste that I would fall in love with!  So after a bit of searching, I came across these 8 simple rules for the authentic Southern Red Velvet speciality:

1. There should be some cocoa. 
2. Use red food coloring. 
3. Must have cream cheese frosting.
4. There should be pecans. (this I didn't know and didn't use on this occasion!!)
5. Use high-quality ingredients.
6. Precise measurements and meticulous attention to detail.
7. Use a hand-held electric mixer so as not to over-mix the batter.   
8. Use vegetable oil.

So I tweaked my old Red Velvet recipe and method to incorporate the rules above and made a batch.   It wasn't long after piping on the cream cheese frosting, that I discovered what all the who-ha was about.  These cupcakes were so moist, so soft, so red and ooooohhhh so delicious!

My "ultimate" red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Lemon drizzle is going to be the next flavour I am going to rediscover.  I may just find it in time for Easter at this rate!!