Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to achieve a domed sugarpaste cupcake!

I am rather particular with my cupcakes and don't like the frosting to dirty the edges of the cupcake cases (a bit of my OCD) and therefore wanted a method that didn't use a spatula or a knife.  I have seen one by Pretty Witty Cupcakes via Victorious Cupcakes.  

I am able to create domed cupcakes with sugarpaste, but I was never "really" happy with them.  I wanted the dome higher, more perfect and knew that other great bakers out there were achieving it, so why couldn't I?  I had read somewhere that an ice-cream scoop was used and never one who needs an excuse to play with some cupcakes, I got to work and was very pleased with the results.

When I enjoy a cupcake, I like to have a 25% buttercream to 75% cupcake ratio.  I did a normal Darcy buttercream swirl on a cupcake then measured how much buttercream I used in the ice-cream scoop.  They were about the same, using no more than I would with a swirl.

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  1. Oh my word, this is PERFECTION!

  2. Great tutorial. I shall give this a go. I have made domed cupcakes and have had the buttercream shoot out of the sides, a very messy affair! Your cupcakes are beautiful! Sue x