Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Didn't quite get there but did rediscover Red Velvet!

Sadly I haven't quite finished the tutorial I was making about creating that perfect dome........ I will have to push it further up the priority list!!!

Yesterday however, as it was pouring with rain, I had the urge to bake.  As Valentine's Day is nearing, I decided to make red velvet cupcakes.  Now I have made them before and with success, but failed to taste that wow factor about them, until yesterday!!!  

I decided that I was going to create "my" ultimate red velvet cupcake, a taste that I would fall in love with!  So after a bit of searching, I came across these 8 simple rules for the authentic Southern Red Velvet speciality:

1. There should be some cocoa. 
2. Use red food coloring. 
3. Must have cream cheese frosting.
4. There should be pecans. (this I didn't know and didn't use on this occasion!!)
5. Use high-quality ingredients.
6. Precise measurements and meticulous attention to detail.
7. Use a hand-held electric mixer so as not to over-mix the batter.   
8. Use vegetable oil.

So I tweaked my old Red Velvet recipe and method to incorporate the rules above and made a batch.   It wasn't long after piping on the cream cheese frosting, that I discovered what all the who-ha was about.  These cupcakes were so moist, so soft, so red and ooooohhhh so delicious!

My "ultimate" red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Lemon drizzle is going to be the next flavour I am going to rediscover.  I may just find it in time for Easter at this rate!!

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  1. Yum! I am a huge fan of red velvet cupcakes:-) In fact, am just in the process of making red velvet cake pops(first time) so am looking forward to tasting them...