Monday, 12 March 2012

My Entry into the Fans Of Cake Baker Competition

I decided to start entering competitions to improve my confidence in my ability and to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone.

I first entered my Valentines cupcakes into a milestone giveaway over at The Clever Little Cupcake Company and was chuffed to have been awarded third place.  I wasn't really expecting to be placed anywhere as I find the level of "caking" is exceptionally high and don't put myself up in those leagues.  This boosted my confidence and when seeing a competition over on a cake page I read regularly this morning, I decided to go for it.

Alice In Wonderland 2nd Edition

I entered my Alice in Wonderland cupcakes into the 10,000 Liker competition over at Fans of Cake.  The winner is based on the total number of likes each entry receives.  So if you haven't already cast your "like", you are welcome to do so using this link :

I didn't really know much about Alice in Wonderland until I was asked to create some for an 18th birthday for one of my husband's friends.  The theme grew on me with each creation of cupcake and I would spent many hours admiring the wonderful parties others have held.

Alice in Wonderland 1st Edition
As a result of how popular my first collection has been, I decided to do a tutorial on how to make the White Rabbit too.  This can be adapted to suit a rabbit you may wish to make for Easter which is not too far away, or another White Rabbit for your own Alice in Wonderland theme.  I am hoping to post the tutorial in the next day or two.
Tutorial in progress to make White Rabbit

Well enough Alice and Wonderland stuff from me for a while........ got to focus on making a teacup for my dearest Mother for Mother's day.  I will save the details of that for another day's post!

Happy baking for now x


  1. I think that this range that you did are absolutely exquisite. You definately have a talent for this Claire.

    These cuppies are amazing x

  2. How's the rabbit tutorial going?

  3. How's the rabbit tutorial going?