Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where have I been ........

Well with Alice in Wonderland!  I have had a really busy fortnight creating the most exciting cupcakes and Top Hat layer cake.  I have had a fabulous time challenging myself in an area that I haven't really ventured into before as I have been too scared, modelling.  I managed to pull it off and surprised myself too that I can actually do it!

The results of my fondant moelling
 I completely underestimated how much time making these creations took and how deceptive a picture can look that someone gives you as a guide.  All the hours were forgotten about when I got an email from the dad saying that his daughter was almost in tears when she saw the creations!  On the other extreme, I have been asked to make a robot cake for a little 4 year old who doesn't even eat cake!! I find it difficult to create a "simple" cake (his mom's words) when it is underestimated by others what is still involved.  Why is it perceived that simple must mean cheap?

I hope you all had a great Valentine's day.  This year it was all a bit of a blur and I didn't feel the love at all as between my dearest and I, we were working into the wee hours and it all past with only a passing "happy valentine's!!".  Will have to make up for it on our wedding anniversary next month!!

I posted some valentine's cupcakes as a surprise to someone and was delighted to see that they arrived in perfect condition.  I used a posting pack and although my cupcakes are larger than the pack allows, I just decorated the cupcake accordingly and viola!

Packaged cupcakes in their posting pack

On a completely separate topic, while I was collecting all the bits I needed for my Alice creations I got some piping jelly.  I found it was great for attaching ribbons to the silver boards, not seeping through and marking the ribbon and sticks it 'really' well.  I also discovered that it is great for attaching sequence to the edge of my cupcakes in this creation, yet making it very easy to peel off before eating, unlike royal icing.

Next time, I will try publish a tutorial on making my White Rabbit (in time for those wanting to practice for Easter!!) and details of the 1,500 facebook liker give-away will be posted.

Happy baking

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