Monday, 9 January 2012

The week that was ......

Last week was filled with mainly admin to get the new year off to a good start.  There was some "limited" time for caking stuff in between.  I don't usually mind doing paperwork, but there has been a bit of a move about at home during the last week and my Darcy's space was affected.  I lost my creative station/desk, which meant that everything was piled up all over the place.  Trying to do any work was proving a real test of my patience!!

Well it all changed on Friday night!! My darling husband transformed my Darcy's space into a workable place again *huge smiles all round*.   A few months back, he produced this fantastic storage unit for all my caking stuff.  Last night, he created a desk for me with my new storage unit underneath.  Works a treat and I feel so lucky to have such organisation to my stuff, making everything so accessible.

Just love to be in Darcy's space!!
My creations last week included a selection of purple birthday cupcakes for a great Nana and this meant I could practice my rose making skills too (gone very rusty!!).

Love the way the brooch worked out on this cupcake!
I have a three tier wedding cake booked in June for a very special friend and the design has over two dozen roses!!!
Rose Cupcake
During the past week I have also been designing a Spring Vintage Chic Wedding Collection.  
Vintage Chic Wedding Cupcakes

One of my new year's resolutions was to be organised in my space and proactive by planning ahead!!  I am usually one of those people leaving everything until the deadline is on the doorstep before I kick into action!! I started by organising the things around me, of course I mean all my Darcy's stuff (the rest of the house can remain in organised chaos for a bit longer - well I have another 11 months to work my way through that to achieve my resolution!!).
Just love my equipment being so organised and accessbile!!
 So on that note, time to go til next week!


  1. I could so do with some organisation space like that, looks great:-)

  2. How did I miss that you'd started a blog?

    Looks great darl, so organised and efficient, which is exactly what you need to create those gorgeous masterpieces that you do.

    Yay for clever hubby xx