Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another week of Planning

I can't believe it has been just over a week since my last post!  Where is the time flying too.......  there has been so much planning and research happening at the moment with regards to the direction Darcy's is headed this year.

My BBF and I have been going to wedding fairs that have been taking place during January. We have enjoyed all the choice that is now available to brides that we never had when we got married 12-15 years ago!!!   We also started to show our age when we fell in love with one of the entertainers there, So Sinatra, crooning away with his piercing blue eyes...... (he was not a young fella and I could just imagine how someone in their twenties would be saying eeeewwww!!).  Mentioning wedding fairs and the photo below, gives you a clue to one of the directions Darcy's is going in 2012.

Wedding dummie cakes awaiting Darcy's creative touch
This week I have also started to get with the spirit of Valentine's Day and have got this year's Collection finally on paper.  To find enough time in the day to transform them into the cupcakes is another matter!!  I seem to need more hours in a day to get everything done at the moment!!!! (at least I have the cupcake cases sorted!).

Starting to get creative for Valentine's Day
I have finally sorted out a bag of ribbons I have been hoarding to make space for more of Darcy's "stuff".  I had many ideas in mind for the ribbon but I now accept, lack of time means I will never get round to using them.  I ventured into the world of "ebay" and will be listing little bags of ribbon for sale.  Hopefully I will sell enough to cover the cost of a new mould I have my eye on!!!
This is a mixed bag of ribbons
There are also bags for sale which have ribbon which are the same colour and lengths - perfect for crafts, scrapbooking, and even cupcake cases like I have used above.  

This is a bag of ribbon the same colour and length - great for
making bows around cupcakes!!

On that note, til next time, keep calm and have a cupcake! xx

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